About to acquire another company?

You will probably need Post-Merger Integration help. Whether it is a conference call meeting or an onsite engagement, we can help you move forwards in a pragmatic way.

A common misunderstanding is that integration activities begin just before a deal is signed. This is not the case: the earlier integrations begin, the more likelihood of success

Integrating Your Acquisition

Mentoring the experts within your business

We are specialists in integrating acquired Small and Medium sized Businesses or Enterprise in a process known as Post Merger Integration. Every business is unique, and so are the challenges that they can have during the merging of companies. 

Our approach is to prepare the staff within your business to Integrating the acquired Small or Medium sized Businesses through a light touch, empowering setup. We help you leverage the expertise that is already within your organization.

Define "Small or Medium sized Business"

Depending upon who you ask, the definition of a small, medium or large business varies

  • In the USA the official definition of a small business depends upon the industry, but in general it is less than 500 staff; in other countries a small business could be less than 50 staff
  • The definition of a medium sized business is less specific, but is generally accepted to be less than 5000 staff

Integration Training

Short, focused topics

On Demand eLearning that guides you and your staff through with integrating acquired Small or Medium sized Businesses

For an intensive preparation to Integrating acquired Small and Medium sized Businesses, we also offer classroom, In-Person training

Integration Advice

Validation, Setup or Support

Post Merger Integration begins a long time before a deal is completed. Creation of the integration plan should start during the Due Diligence phase, pre-deal.

Use an expert to reduce the inefficiencies and delays that can occur

Interim Management

Experienced, adaptable, supportive help

Keep your business moving during a transitional period.

Program or Project Management, Proposal Management, Sales Support, Pitch Preparation, Training Content Creation Management, and more

What have you acquired, without integration?

Reduce the Cost of Integration

Self-paced eLearning is a low-cost approach

  • Quickly climb the learning curve
  • Gain awareness of how an integration should work
  • Fill in knowledge gaps
  • Focused topics
  • Curricular for specific staff

Small and Medium size Business Focus

  • Teams or departments, not divisions
  • Many staff who’ve been with the business for most of its history
  • An adaptable business that can react quickly to business needs

We focus on integrating acquired Small and Medium sized Businesses

  • Addressing the unique issues that SMBs have
  • Bypassing issues that apply only to large business integrations

Guide Your Team

Leverage the human side of integration

  • Forming and using business relationships to create a team that works to a common set of goals.

Inclusive approach to get staff buy-in

  • Without your staff being engaged how can your acquisition be productive and a success?

Joining Forces

We know how to navigate the turbulent waters of integration

  • Acquisitions are critical points in your company’s journey
  • You know your business the best
  • We know how to frame the task ahead

Our expertise is mentoring the experts that are already within your business


Number of acquisition deals valued less than $100M, per year


% of acquirers who did not reach their integration targets


% of acquirers who do not know if they met their targets